27 May

Top 5 car maintenance tips

Basic car maintenance ensures your vehicle is safe to travel in, reduces the risk of a breakdown and can save you costly repair bills! Top car maintenance tips Brakes It goes without saying that your breaks are one of the most important safety features of your car and it is imperative they are well maintained.… Read more »

17 Apr
dash cam

Dash cams, do I need one?

Dash cams – they came out of nowhere and now they’re everywhere! Those videos you’ve seen online or on the news of wacky driving incidents or serious road rage are likely recorded on a dash cam. This dashboard camera is mounted on a windshield and can be extremely helpful in validating car accidents or road… Read more »

17 Mar
top tips when buying a new car

Our top tips when buying a new car

Congratulations! You have decided to buy a brand spanking new car! This isn’t a decision you want to take lightly as you’ll want your new car to last you for many years and thousands of kilometers. Before you get too excited by that new car smell, consider our top tips when buying a new car:… Read more »

01 Jan
How do I check when my vehicles oil needs to be changed

How do I check when my vehicles oil needs to be changed?

With some simple maintenance checks, many major car troubles and costly repair bills can be avoided! One of the easiest checks you can do yourself is your car’s oil and fluid levels. To keep things running smoothly, check your vehicles oil level regularly in-between services – especially if you use your car daily and for… Read more »