Auto Leaders all car servicing is an automotive servicing group specialising in high quality workmanship with personalised customer service at a fair price.

Auto Leaders use management systems to organise both the workshop and the office ensuring both a consistent standard and quality control that guarantees customer satisfaction. Our fixed price concept has become common place in today’s auto servicing market.

Auto Leaders are members of the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association and are certified inspection stations for Roadworthy and Safety Certificate inspections in both NSW and Queensland. We employ only qualified tradesmen.

We promote ourselves as the dealer alternative – we can service your car to the manufacturers’ logbook requirements without voiding the manufacturers’ statutory warranty.

Auto Leaders guarantee to match any dealer capped price service. Note: the guarantee to match prices doesn’t apply to free services offered by dealerships

As well as offering an alternative to the dealer, we offer a range of services that will meet just about any requirement you may have in servicing your car. When servicing your car, the choice is simple, you either service your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s or dealer’s service schedule, or an Auto Leaders servicing schedule tailored to your vehicle’s needs.

Manufacturer or Dealer Servicing Schedule

Manufacturer or Dealer Service carried out by Auto Leaders will not void your Manufacturer’s Statutory Warranty if your car is still in the warranty period. Even if your car is out of warranty, the set servicing schedule supplied with your car from new is designed to cover all aspects of vehicle servicing at regular intervals.

New Car Servicing FAQ

Auto Leaders Recommended Servicing

As a car ages and the kilometres build, there is usually good reason to consider an alternative servicing schedule. This is because of the variables in how far you drive, the climate you live in and the prospect of some fluids being maintained or changed more or less frequently (coolants, brake fluids, transmission fluids etc).