30 Jul
Driver distraction

How to limit driver distraction

Driver distraction happens to the best of us and while unintentional, can lead to severe accidents, causing injury or even death. Sounds scary huh. So, what is driver distraction and how can we limit distractions while we are driving? Physical distraction Physical distraction involves just that, physical movements that take control away from your vehicle’s… Read more »

26 Jun
logbook scheduled servicing

Maintaining your car after the manufacturer’s warranty / logbook scheduled servicing expires

Just because your manufacturer’s warranty has expired doesn’t mean your logbook scheduled servicing should! When it comes to car maintenance, prevention is better than cure! Regular servicing keeps your car safe on the road and is something that should be continued long after your manufacturer’s warranty expires. Car servicing basics Regular servicing of your vehicle… Read more »

18 Jun
auto vs manual

Buying Guide – Auto Vs Manual

Choosing a new car is an exciting time for anyone, the shape, make, model, paint finish and extras are all fun things to contemplate, but you should also carefully consider the pros and cons of auto vs manual transmission? Chances are your parents or grandparents learned to drive in a manual and they’ll insist anyone… Read more »

11 Jun
road rules

Yellow traffic lights & the road rules.

To stop or not to stop, it’s an age-old debate that drivers have been trying to get their heads around for decades. Despite the rules being pretty clear, a surprising proportion of Aussies are still confused as to what the rules are when it comes to stopping at a yellow traffic light. We have decided… Read more »

05 Jun
restraining dog

Restraining your pet during road travel

Australians love to travel with their canine companions in the car. While it’s often adorable to see a cute puppy with his head out the window, tongue out and ears flapping in the wind, it’s important to consider safety first whilst travelling with your dog in the car. Restraining your pet during road travel is… Read more »

27 May

The essential family road trip checklist

The great Aussie road trip is something we have practised for decades, and now more than ever Australians are looking to explore our great southern land! Covid-19 travel restrictions have essentially shut worldwide travel off indefinitely and as such families are planning homegrown adventures for the up and coming school holiday period. Many are planning… Read more »

12 May
off road adventures

Off-Road Adventures For Beginners

As restrictions ease across the great South East many Queenslanders are rediscovering the joy of spending time in the great outdoors. Our beaches and national parks have begun to re-open and we are seeing more families heading out for a full day of adventure with mother nature. If you are lucky enough to own an… Read more »