14 Jul
New Windscreen

How to take care of your new windscreen

A cracked windscreen happens to the best of us. The time after your new windscreen is repaired or replaced is often the most crucial to ensure it settles properly. Many people often overlook how important windscreens are, but they actually maintain the structural integrity of your car and keep all passengers safe in the event… Read more »

08 Jul
Benefits of hybrid cars

What are the benefits of a hybrid car?

Are you considering purchasing a hybrid car? Let’s face it, electric (or semi-electric) vehicles are the way of the future, and it won’t be long until they have taken over the market. So what are the benefits of a hybrid car, and what should you know before you purchase one? What is a hybrid car?… Read more »

02 Jul
Prepare your car for sale

How to prepare your car for sale

So, you’ve decided to sell your car. Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or simply do not need one anymore, this is an exciting time: it means more money in your pocket! If you’re looking for the best resale value (which you should be!), then you’re going to have to do a little groundwork.… Read more »

17 Jun
Road Rage

How to avoid and manage road rage

Staying safe while driving should always be your number one priority. Oftentimes, it goes beyond good driving skills and adequate traffic conditions and extends to your ability to avoid road rage. What is road rage? Defined as a wave of sudden violent anger provoked in a motorist by another driver, road rage is unfortunately all… Read more »

10 Jun
lease vehicle or new car

Should I buy or lease a new vehicle?

Like all financial decisions, to buy or lease a new vehicle will differ depending on your individual circumstances. Whilst buying a car may be preferable and more beneficial than leasing to one person, it might not be to another. With more and more people working from home, car leasing has experienced a boom in recent… Read more »

04 Jun
Care for an unused car

Tips on how to care for an unused car

With the increase of people working from home, cars across the country may be sitting unused for a long time. Whether you haven’t driven your car in two weeks or two months, it’s a known fact that a car sitting idle on streets or garages will deteriorate much faster. If you do not care for… Read more »

28 May
Fuel injection service

3 benefits of a fuel injection service

A fuel injection service is necessary every 80, 000kms to maximise the performance and economy of your vehicle. At Auto Leaders, we use the renowned MotorVac treatment which provides restored fuel efficiency, enhanced performance and lower emissions. But what exactly is a fuel injection service, and why do we recommend it? Think of a fuel… Read more »

17 May
Car AC smells funky

What to do if your car’s AC smells funky

With the hot weather in Queensland, your air conditioning system in your car is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Even on the rare cold mornings in winter, turning on the heater can instantly make driving that much more pleasant. But have you ever turned on your AC only to be hit in the face… Read more »