26 Mar
hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene In The Car

Times are tough, and the world we currently live in has changed in an instant. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused drastic and sudden changes in society whereby we must consider the risks of simple things we once took for granted such as eating out, grocery shopping, or meeting up with friends to catch a movie… Read more »

08 Mar
remove dog hair from your car

Removing dog hair from cars

Pets are a part of our family, and dog owners in particular often find themselves in the car with their fur child on an excursion to the park or the beach to enjoy the great outdoors. Our canine friends have a great time on the road with most enjoying the car journey, but all too… Read more »

01 Feb
sell a car privately

How to successfully sell your car privately?

Selling your car is a big decision and deciding whether to sell a car privately or through a dealership can be even harder. Selling privately can bring in significantly more money than trading it through a dealership but in order to sell your car successfully there are a few extra steps you need to take… Read more »

22 Dec
cars air con

Is your cars air con running to its full potential?

We rarely think about maintaining our air con unless it’s considerably hot outside or the air con doesn’t work at all. Not so long ago, air conditioning was only a feature in luxury vehicles. It is inconceivable to imaging driving a car in Queensland summer without air conditioning, so it’s no surprise that many car… Read more »

01 Nov
car air conditioning smell

Does your car air conditioning smell a little funky?

Does the smell of your air conditioning take your breath away when you blast it, rather than keep you cool? There’s nothing more pleasant than ice-cold air conditioning on a hot summers day. However when the car air conditioning smell is funky that can ruin the feeling. What causes cars air con to smell and… Read more »