27 May

The essential family road trip checklist

The great Aussie road trip is something we have practised for decades, and now more than ever Australians are looking to explore our great southern land! Covid-19 travel restrictions have essentially shut worldwide travel off indefinitely and as such families are planning homegrown adventures for the up and coming school holiday period. Many are planning… Read more »

12 May
off road adventures

Off-Road Adventures For Beginners

As restrictions ease across the great South East many Queenslanders are rediscovering the joy of spending time in the great outdoors. Our beaches and national parks have begun to re-open and we are seeing more families heading out for a full day of adventure with mother nature. If you are lucky enough to own an… Read more »

24 Apr
are you considering purchasing a new vehicle

Are you considering purchasing a new vehicle?

Are you considering purchasing a new vehicle? Here is what you need to know about your manufacturer’s warranty In Australia, when you purchase a new or used vehicle it is automatically covered by a warranty. New vehicles have a are usually covered by the manufacturer whereas used cars often have a shorter warranty covered by… Read more »

17 Apr
maintain your car

How to maintain your car between services

Regular servicing of your car in line with its manufacturers service schedule is imperative to keep it in good working order and under warranty. We discuss tips on how to maintain your car to extend longevity and reduce the risk of your vehicle needing further mechanical attention in between its regular service intervals. Our 3… Read more »

03 Apr
car service

5 things to ask when you book a car service

Garages can be intimidating if you don’t know much about cars. Generally people prefer to go to a mechanic they have been recommended because of fear of being ‘ripped off’. If you are due a car service or any maintenance or repairs and not sure where to go, there are some questions you can ask… Read more »

26 Mar
hand hygiene

Hand Hygiene In The Car

Times are tough, and the world we currently live in has changed in an instant. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused drastic and sudden changes in society whereby we must consider the risks of simple things we once took for granted such as eating out, grocery shopping, or meeting up with friends to catch a movie… Read more »