12 Oct
roadside assistance

5 reasons why it pays to have roadside assistance!

Purchased a new car? You could be forgiven for thinking you might not need breakdown service. But having roadside assistance at the ready when you might need it is important not only for break downs, but also those caused by human error! Below, we have listed 5 reasons why you need roadside assistance, even if… Read more »

03 Oct
car accident

Here’s what to do if you witness a car accident

If you happen to witness a car accident it can be a very scary and stressful situation and you may experience feelings of helplessness. Remaining calm under pressure is key to responding the best way you can so that you can assist when needed and think rationally along the way. Safety first Once you get… Read more »

29 Sep
car air fresheners

DIY car air freshener you can make at home!

Those little green and yellow car air freshener trees you hang on your rear vision mirror are ok if you don’t mind a pungent hit you in the face scent for a week and then like magic, the smell completely disappears – despite the promise of a long lasting scent! If like us you’re not… Read more »

30 Aug
teaching teens to drive

Tips for parents teaching their teens to drive

Teaching teenagers how to drive can be extremely stressful for all involved! Parents teach their children how to do everything and there is nothing that is going to test both parties’ patience more than parents teaching teens to drive. To ease the inevitable stress that this endeavour will bring, here are some tips for parents… Read more »

30 Jul
Driver distraction

How to limit driver distraction

Driver distraction happens to the best of us and while unintentional, can lead to severe accidents, causing injury or even death. Sounds scary huh. So, what is driver distraction and how can we limit distractions while we are driving? Physical distraction Physical distraction involves just that, physical movements that take control away from your vehicle’s… Read more »