27 May
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Top 5 car maintenance tips

Basic car maintenance ensures your vehicle is safe to travel in, reduces the risk of a breakdown and can save you costly repair bills!

Top car maintenance tips


It goes without saying that your breaks are one of the most important safety features of your car and it is imperative they are well maintained. Try not to be too harsh on them; avoid harsh braking when you can! Have them regularly checked and if they start to feel squishy or you notice having to use more pressure than usual you should have them looked over by a mechanic.

Radiator cooling system

Your radiators job is to keep your engine cool. Ensure your coolant is topped up and replace it often to keep it fresh. If you notice your engine running hot, or the temperature creeping up often, have a mechanic look over your radiator to check everything is in optimal working order.


Regularly check your tyres for pressure and tread in particular. Having the correct tyre pressure extends the life of them and lowers your fuel consumption. A good way to prolong the life of your tyres is to rotate them regularly.


If you’re not using your car often make sure to still run it regularly to keep the battery alive and kicking.

Car batteries may feel like they last forever, but they don’t and you likely won’t get much warning when it clonks out! Keep track of how old your battery is, the fluid levels and check the terminals for corrosion whenever you’re under the bonnet.


Keep an eye on fluids and top up when necessary, especially before the beginning of a long road trip. Fluids are your vehicles blood; your car needs fluids to keep it going! If you don’t know what fluids you need to check, it’s time to top up on your knowledge too!

Most cars will require the following fluids: engine oil, coolant for the radiator, fluid for the transmission, windscreen washer, brakes, power steering, distilled water for the battery and possibly more.

All of these elements will be checked when your vehicle is serviced so it is important to keep up to date with your manufacturers servicing schedule.

Basic car maintenance and knowing what to keep your eye out for in-between services will keep your car running safely and also save you a packet on break down or otherwise avoidable repairs!