27 May
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The essential family road trip checklist

The great Aussie road trip is something we have practised for decades, and now more than ever Australians are looking to explore our great southern land! Covid-19 travel restrictions have essentially shut worldwide travel off indefinitely and as such families are planning homegrown adventures for the up and coming school holiday period. Many are planning camping trips or road travel to coastal destinations as holiday hotspots begin to re-open their holiday accommodation throughout Queensland. So how do you prepare for a family road trip? We’ve taken all of the hard work out of it and have got you covered with our handy road trip checklist below.

Get your car checked over

When was the last time your vehicle had a service? If you are planning to travel more than 200 km’s we suggest you check the basics such as fuel, oil and coolant, ensure your tyres have adequate tread and are properly inflated, all lights and indicators are working sufficiently, and you have a roadside assistance membership in-case of unforeseen roadside emergencies. If in doubt call your local mechanic or service centre and book in for a service.

Ensure you have a fully stocked first aid kit

You never know when you might need your fist aid kit especially with kids on board. When road tripping you’ll often stop for rest periods, or to eat lunch at a nice picnic spot. Ensure you have everything you need in case of scrapes and cuts, insect bites, headaches or allergies, and ensure you pack any essential medications.

Nourish & hydrate

Travelling with children? Rule no 1. pack plenty of snacks! Kids get hungry and bored! Even if you plan to stop along the way for main meals, ensure you have adequate snacks and water on board to keep everyone happy. Healthy non-messy snacks are best for kids such as fruit, nuts, crackers, and cheese to keep them going in between meals. Why not pack a picnic, fresh filled bread rolls in a with a cool beverage in a relaxing setting near the beach or bush is always a popular option and gives you a chance to stretch your legs and for the kids to burn off some energy before the next leg of the trip.

Plan your stops

Depending on how far you are travelling, you may wish to book a nights accommodation in between to break up the long journey, especially if you are travelling with young children who can get tired and frustrated if they are cooped up in the car for too long. Ensure you phone ahead and book. Have a look at the map before you travel and plan a few pit stops along the way, perhaps to check out a few popular tourist spots or simply stop to get some fresh air and a coffee.


Lastly, ensure you have activities available to curb boredom. Kids do well with books, movies or games, small puzzles or card games, colouring-in activities, and make sure you don’t forget their favourite toy!

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