05 Jun
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Restraining your pet during road travel

Australians love to travel with their canine companions in the car. While it’s often adorable to see a cute puppy with his head out the window, tongue out and ears flapping in the wind, it’s important to consider safety first whilst travelling with your dog in the car. Restraining your pet during road travel is important, did you know that around 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed as a result of jumping from moving vehicles? Source; rspcaqld.org.au

So, what are the rules?

In Australia, the laws vary from state to state, so rather than listing off all of the laws for each state we believe a common-sense approach is best. Dogs that are unrestrained in vehicles are not only at risk of injury to themselves but also to you the driver, your passengers, and other drivers that are on the road. An unrestrained pet can quickly become a flying missile if you have to stop in a hurry which could result in costly vet bills or even worse, life-threatening injuries or death! Quite frankly, it’s irresponsible and simply not worth the risk to let your Dog roam free in your vehicle. Police can issue demerit points and fines if they find an unrestrained dog in your car, so for you and your pets’ safety its best to restrain your pet at all times during road travel.

Restraining your pet  – What type of restraint should you use?

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, there are several different types of dog restraints readily available in Australia. One of the most common and popular restraint is a car harness. These are relatively simple to use and cost-effective too, the harness clips into your seatbelt and is adjustable to your dog’s height. Alternatively, you could use a pet carrier/crate, make sure it is secured to the vehicle, and large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around as per RSPCA guidelines ensuring your pet is comfortable. If you drive a station wagon and you have a large dog a cargo barrier might be more suitable for your needs. Lastly, the perfect solution for smaller dogs is a booster seat. These are comfy little box seats than restrain your pet nicely with the bonus of preventing pet hair from getting throughout the car.

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