08 Mar
remove dog hair from your car
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Removing dog hair from cars

Pets are a part of our family, and dog owners in particular often find themselves in the car with their fur child on an excursion to the park or the beach to enjoy the great outdoors. Our canine friends have a great time on the road with most enjoying the car journey, but all too often they leave a trail of sand, dirt, dog hair and lingering odours along the way! Sadly, the average domestic vacuum cleaner does a fairly poor job of removing dog hair from cars, not from a lack of trying. If your vacuum cleaner is failing to get the job done, we recommend trying the following solutions to keep your car dog hair free.

Rubber Gloves

The rubber glove method is an easy and inexpensive solution. Place a kitchen rubber glove on your hand and dip the glove into water. Rub your hand repeatedly in one direction as if you are sweeping and you should see the dog hair forming clumps that can then easily be picked up and removed.

The Balloon Method

This solution works particularly well for loose hair, but it may not work as well on stubborn hair that has embedded into carpet fibres. The common birthday balloon works effectively in removing dog hair from cars due to its presence of static electricity. It’s easy, simply run the balloon over upholstered or carpeted surfaces and you’ll notice loose dog hair will stick to the balloon.

Fabric Softener

Another easy and inexpensive method for removing dog hair from cars is fabric softener. Most of us have a bottle of this magic liquid in our laundry. Mix a few teaspoons of the softener with some water and spray generously over the carpet / upholstered surface. Using paper towel wipe the surfaces and you’ll notice the hair lifting due to the softener which assists to loosen dog hair.

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