17 Mar
top tips when buying a new car
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Our top tips when buying a new car

Congratulations! You have decided to buy a brand spanking new car!

This isn’t a decision you want to take lightly as you’ll want your new car to last you for many years and thousands of kilometers.

Before you get too excited by that new car smell, consider our top tips when buying a new car:

  1. Do your homework. Research the car; how fuel-efficient is it, what is the resale value like, does it have fixed price servicing? All of these things could save you money in the long run.
  2. Make sure the price is right. Check out at least 3 dealerships, and tell them you are shopping around too as this will likely make them more competitive. Resist any ‘this price is only for today’ pressures – this won’t be the case.
  3. Shop around for finance and insurance. Don’t feel pressured to go with the dealerships in house finance or insurance options, and if you do, shop around and take your most competitive quotes to them and ask them to match the rates, especially with the finance rate! You will need to insure the car before you can drive it away as part of your finance conditions so make sure you go in prepared before you sign any paperwork.
  4. Decide what to do with your old car. Are you trading your old car in or selling it privately? Often dealerships will offer to purchase your car, which is convenient, but you may get significantly more for selling it privately.
  5. Think about your future vehicle needs. Are you planning a family in the future, or to get a dog? Unless you want to purchase another car in the next couple of years consider if the car is right for you now and in the future.
  6. Test drive. The car might look good on the floor but until you’re behind the wheel you won’t know if it’s right for you. Does it feel too big, too small, is it a comfortable drive – test drive all of the cars you’re considering and see how different they all feel.
  7. Avoid unnecessary extras. Dealerships always offer extras such as window tinting and paint protection.  These extras can quickly bump up the price of your car. Although you might want these things, dealerships prices often aren’t competitive and you could get these done aftermarket for a fraction of the price. Don’t be afraid to take the car ‘as is’ and tint your windows later.

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