22 Dec
cars air con
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Is your cars air con running to its full potential?

We rarely think about maintaining our air con unless it’s considerably hot outside or the air con doesn’t work at all.

Not so long ago, air conditioning was only a feature in luxury vehicles. It is inconceivable to imaging driving a car in Queensland summer without air conditioning, so it’s no surprise that many car owners take their air conditioning for-granted.

Like everything else in your vehicle your air conditioning needs TLC to keep it running at its full potential however we rarely think about air conditioning maintenance until it has stopped working completely.

An air conditioning service will keep your cars air con icy cold even in the hottest of weather.

When should I have my air conditioning checked?

  • Before summer
  • If you notice a bad smell coming from your air con system
  • If your air con is noisy
  • If it doesn’t blow as cold as it once did
  • As part of your regular vehicle service

What does an air conditioning service do?

  • Checks for leaks
  • Checks to see if your air con needs re-gassing
  • Replaces refrigerants
  • Replaces any worn out seals

Most vehicles lose around 10% of their refrigerant gas annually so whilst it is advisable to consider having your air con re-gassed every two years to keep it running at its full potential, many modern vehicles can last up to 5 if properly maintained.

Having your cars air conditioning regularly serviced ensures your air con is running to its full potential and gives you a safer and more comfortable way to travel.