17 Apr
maintain your car
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How to maintain your car between services

Regular servicing of your car in line with its manufacturers service schedule is imperative to keep it in good working order and under warranty. We discuss tips on how to maintain your car to extend longevity and reduce the risk of your vehicle needing further mechanical attention in between its regular service intervals.

Our 3 top tips to maintain your car between scheduled servicing include:

1.     Tyre pressure.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is one of the easiest ways to can look after your car in-between services. When your tyres are at the right pressure there is less strain on the steering components. Your tyres will also wear out evenly and the fuel economy of your vehicle should improve. You should check your tyre pressure at least monthly, when the weather is cool, and visit your local service station to pump up or bleed your tyres accordingly.

2.     Fluid checks.

Keeping your engine fluids topped up is vital to keeping your engine working safely and efficiently. You can examine them when you are filling up with fuel, or set a monthly reminder. Checking them doesn’t take long.

3.     Wheel alignment.

Regular wheel alignments are a great way to ensure your car and its steering components are running smoothly between services. When wheels are aligned, wear on tyres is reduced. If you notice signs such as the car pulling to one side, shaking at high speeds or uneven tyre wear – you’ll likely need your wheels checked.

These 3 tips will ensure that your vehicle is in optimum condition in-between services and make sure it passes its regular service with flying colours. Book in your car at Auto Leaders.