29 Jan
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How to get peak performance from your vehicle’s air conditioning system

During summer your car’s air conditioning gets smashed.

We get it, you want to get as cool as possible, as quickly as possible, but you also want to do this in a way that gets the most for you and your air con system!

Handy tips to get your car cool whilst burning less fuel

Don’t pre cool

It’s actually more effective to cool your car whilst you’re driving because your air con works a lot better when you’re driving as the A/C compressor runs faster. By pre-cooling the car you are just wasting time and fuel.

Crack the window

Open the rear windows for 20 seconds to force all of the hot air out of the car all the way from the front.

Turn it down

You may think that cranking your air con down to the coolest setting is less fuel-efficient but in face it can actually save some fuel however setting the temperature to the lowest possible temperature can make the air con more efficient as it has to dry out the air less.

Turn off recirculation mode

Recirculation mode takes air from the front and pulls it back through the system. This means everyone in the front stays cool but the air in the back can get stale and hot.

Turn off your stop/start feature

If your car has an auto stop/start feature then turn it off. Every time your car automatically stops it turns off the air con compressor. In extremely hot temperatures you will quickly notice the rise in temperature when you are stopped even for short times such as at traffic lights. Your air con then has to re-cool this hot air.

Clean your air con filters

If you see a lot of build up on your air con filter then it is time to change it. You can save money and change the filter yourself but if this isn’t possible or you don’t know how, your local mechanic will be able to help, and even give your air-conditioning a once over whilst you’re at it.