04 Oct
service my car
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How often should you service a car once it’s out of warranty?

Often servicing your vehicle isn’t at the top of the to-do list.

It can seem expensive and inconvenient, but in actual fact it is one of the most necessary and important things you can do to keep you and others safe on the road! Your manufacturers service schedules goes way beyond the warranty period and for good reason! So how often should you service a car once it’s out of warranty?

Generally manufacturers specify maximum times or distances in-between services (usually 6 months or 10,000kms, whichever comes first).

If you stick to your service schedule you can get away with running a couple of weeks or km’s over, but you don’t want to skip a service altogether, especially if you drive an older car which may need a little more TLC.

Ignoring your regular service schedule can lead to serious problems and safety issues!

During a service mechanics check all of the crucial elements of your car, including the engine, breaks and suspension. In short, regular servicing keeps your car, you, and others safe on the road and ensures everything is running, as it should be.

By spotting any potential issues or hazards early on, this can save small issues turning into big problems and in turn save you a lot of money and stress in costly repair bills!

Regular servicing is good for your re-sale value

Not only this but keeping your vehicle regularly serviced will increase it’s re-sale value if you ever come to sell. A buyers main concern when purchasing a used vehicle is the condition and safety of it compared to the reduced risks with purchasing a new vehicle. However if you can show you have kept the services up to date this drastically reduces any buyer concern as the car is unlikely to have any issues any time soon, which means a safe car and no extra cost in repairs.

If your car is due or overdue for its service, contact Auto Leaders today!