01 Jan
How do I check when my vehicles oil needs to be changed
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How do I check when my vehicles oil needs to be changed?

With some simple maintenance checks, many major car troubles and costly repair bills can be avoided!

One of the easiest checks you can do yourself is your car’s oil and fluid levels.

To keep things running smoothly, check your vehicles oil level regularly in-between services – especially if you use your car daily and for long trips!

Engine oil cleans, cools and protects the moving parts of your engine from seizing up. To work effectively engine oil needs to be changed regularly as over time the oil gets dirty.

But how do you know if your car needs an oil change? Firstly you’ll need to know how to check your cars oil location and level.

To check the oil level:

  • Firstly, make sure your car is on a level surface and the engine is cold
  • Locate the dipstick, remove and wipe clean with a cloth
  • Look for the marks on the dipstick indicating the high and low level
  • Put the dipstick back all the way in, leave for a few seconds and remove, take note of the oil level
  • If the oil level is not close to the high mark then you should top up, but don’t overfill
  • Repeat steps 2-4 and check that the oil level is closer to the high mark

How do I know if my oil needs changing?

Self checks to see if your oil needs changing:

  • Discolouration. Fresh oil should have a light brown transparent colour. Over time this oil will darken, turning thick and black. This is a sure fire sign it’s time to change your oil.
  • Texture. Touch the dipstick and rub the oil between your thumb and finger. The oil consistency should be smooth. If it feels at all gritty, then it is time to change the oil as it is harbouring dirt.
  • Sound. If your engine suddenly starts to sound noisier than usual this could indicate it’s time to change your oil.

If you suspect anything suss with your engine or need an oil change, your local Auto Leaders can assist! Whether your oil needs topping up or changing, Auto Leaders will ensure your vehicle is running smoothly in-between services.