21 Apr
new car service
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Do I have to have my new car service at the dealership?

If you’re under the impression to not void your warranty your new car service has to be at the dealer, you’re not alone.

A survey by choice indicated that just under 50% of Australians are under the impression they need to have their new car service carried out at the dealership where their vehicle was purchased to keep the manufacturers warranty intact.

Although the manufacturer can set certain maintenance requirements to ensure your warranty isn’t void, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) states “a manufacturer’s warranty is a promise to the consumer that the vehicle will be free from defects for a certain period of time”. It does not state that in order to keep this warranty intact, you must continue to have it serviced at the dealer you purchased it from.

A dealer can’t legally specify where you get your car serviced to keep your warranty intact. Providing your new car is serviced in line with your manufacturers requirements, you won’t risk voiding your warranty.

New car service tips to not void your warranty

  • Stick to a reputable mechanic but shop around to get the best deal, as long as the mechanic complies with your manufacturers standards, as most reputable mechanics should, there shouldn’t be any issues
  • Schedule your services in line with your new cars maintenance schedule and manufacturers service interval recommendations, e.g. every 10,000kms or 6 months etc.
  • Make sure your mechanic stamps your log book when they have completed the service
  • Ask for an itemised receipt of the parts used when servicing.

When a dealer could void your warranty

  • If you don’t document your new cars maintenance in line with your manufacturers specifications.
  • When non-genuine parts have been used or replacement with them has caused further damage to the vehicle.

Providing your vehicle is serviced by quality, qualified mechanics that use genuine or comparable parts and in line with your service interval recommendations, there is no risk to your warranty.

Auto Leaders offer logbook servicing that complies with your manufacturers standards and will absolutely ensure your warranty is still intact!