21 May
vehicle maintenance
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5 x DIY vehicle maintenance tips to keep your car running smooth between services

Maintaining your car between services not only keeps it safe; it could save you money when it comes to its required logbook service!

Whilst doing your own service could void your vehicles warranty, there are some tasks you can do in-between services. Before doing any DIY vehicle maintenance you should refer to your car manual and have the necessary tools to do the job.

Here are some DIY vehicle maintenance tasks you can do yourself:

  1. Check tyre pressure. Maintaining correct tyre pressure is one of the easiest and low cost (no cost!) things to do in between services. When tyres pressure is too low it places strain on the steering components, causes uneven wear and can reduce your fuel economy. Check tyre pressure regularly and visit your local service station to inflate your tyres to the recommended PSI as per your owner’s manual.
  2. Replace windscreen wiper blades. Wiper blade assembly varies between manufactures so refer to your owner’s guide. This is a relatively easy DIY task to complete, which could avoid an unnecessary trip to the mechanic in-between services.
  3. Check fluid levels. Check levels of oil and coolant to keep your engine working safely and efficiently. Set a monthly reminder to keep an eye on them and always check them before driving long distances.
  4. Replace lights. Whether it’s your headlight or interior lights, this an urgent but simple task that can save you the cost and inconvenience of a visiting the mechanic. The most important thing when changing globes is knowing how to access them. Consult your manual or YouTube to avoid any damage!
  5. Replace blown fuses. You can change fuses yourself easily and for little cost. Most fuses boxes are located under the bonnet or in the glove box, refer to your owner’s manual to find yours.

With the help of YouTube and online forums, you can find detailed instructions on how to do all the above. However, some DIY tasks could void your warranty if you’re tinkering and not a qualified logbook mechanic, so it is always best to consult your car manufacturer or owners manual before taking on any DIY maintenance on your vehicle.

Remember, one of the best DIY car maintenance tips is knowing when not to do it yourself! If you’re unsure how to do something then it is best left to the professionals to keep your warranty intact and keep your vehicle running safely.