03 Apr
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5 things to ask when you book a car service

Garages can be intimidating if you don’t know much about cars. Generally people prefer to go to a mechanic they have been recommended because of fear of being ‘ripped off’. If you are due a car service or any maintenance or repairs and not sure where to go, there are some questions you can ask to make you feel more confident in your decision.

Here are 5 things to ask your mechanic when you book a car service:

1.    Is your service fixed price?

Always ask for a price estimate for your service. Most garages will offer a fixed price service depending on the make, model, age and kilometers on the car. This also gives the mechanic the opportunity to let you know that they won’t conduct any extra maintenance without calling you prior.

2.    Can I meet the mechanic?

It always instils trust to put a face to a name. Building a relationship with your mechanic will show you are invested in your car and the work being done on it. It will show that you are more likely to ask questions and speaking to them is a great way of understanding the explanations to any problems.

3.    Is there a warranty on repairs?

Your mechanic should be so confident in their parts and workmanship that they offer warranty on the repairs that they make. Even if a fault does occur, you wan to know your mechanic has no problem rectifying the issue in the warranty period. Some warranties are based on km’s, some time, you can confirm this when discussing. It is also advised to confirm whether this warranty includes just the cost of parts or also the cost of labour.

4.    Can you show me what the problem is?

You are entitled to ask to be shown or talked through any problems before any repairs are made and you are charged. If there is a genuine problem your mechanic will be happy to show you, or if this isn’t visible e.g. an electrical fault, will be able to explain to you what the problem is. Never feel like you can’t ask them to explain and talk through your options to rectify the problem.

5.    Can you provide a car service maintenance plan?

A quality mechanic will want to give you your car back in great condition and maintain your car down the track. A maintenance plan can help you forecast any repairs, which are not quite due at this service but may be likely for your next one. You can then compare these to your manufacturers recommendation in your owner’s manual.

If your garage and mechanic of choice can answer your questions confidently then it’s likely you’ve found one you can trust! A trustworthy mechanic that comes at a fair, transparent price to keep your vehicle safe is one you’ll want to visit whenever needs be and one that you’ll recommend to your family and friends.