11 Jun
road trip with kids
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5 games to help you survive road trips with kids

Road trips with the kids screams FUN! It also screams, screaming kids!

Keeping the kids entertained and happy on long road trips can be tricky.

5 games to play with the kids on a road trip

  1. I spy. An oldie but a goodie. They key to this one is to throw in a few easy ones as well as some tricky ones to keep the kids occupied, without them getting frustrated that they can’t guess!
  2. 20 questions. Someone things of a place, person, TV show, anything. Each other player can ask up to 20 questions to try and guess the thing you’re thinking of. Each answer can only be a simple yes or no. The winner gets to think of the next thing for everyone to guess!
  3. Spot the car. Think of a car, make, model and colour; like a scavenger hunt for cars, the race is on to find the one car you’re all looking for!
  4. Name the song. A good excuse to be able to listen to music whilst the kids sing along, until they guess the name of the song! Obviously this is age dependent but works well with older kids.
  5. Name Game. Someone says a name, and the next person has to say a name starting with the last letter of the first name. So for example the first person says Simon, the second person says Nathan, and so on…no duplicates allowed! You can also play this game with places or countries for older kids!

There is nothing fun about being stuck in a car for hours, but with a little imagination, these games should help you survive a long road trip with the kids.